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For more than 20 years, the PROLOGA Group has been developing software solutions that extend your SAP enterprise software with basic functions for daily operations and help you digitize and optimize your business. Over the past years, we have built up extensive knowledge and experience on the processes of the waste management industry. With us as PROLOGA Services, you therefore have an implementation partner with extensive industry expertise at your side.

Nothing works without good customer management. Therefore, customer management is an important element of any solution, and we are happy to support you in its implementation.

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PROLOGA Services can show you the variety of options that SAP SD and MM offer for billing your waste management services and help you integrate your billing models into the SAP system.

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The efficient planning and distribution of orders, services and activities to vehicles, personnel or other resources brings with it many challenges that every dispatcher has to solve on a daily basis. With our many years of experience in the waste management industry, we at PROLOGA Services can provide you with the best possible support to solve industry-specific issues.

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Over the past years, we have built up extensive expertise in connecting the scale to the SAP ERP system. In the past, we have already connected all common scale hardware systems and bring this experience to you.

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As part of the integration of material flow management, the PROLOGA Group draws on over 20 years of experience in the waste management and recycling industry to jointly ensure the best possible and most sustainable implementation for you.

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The connection of an eANV interface to the SAP system eliminates manual activities or the duplication of work steps. Of course, the requirements of the authorities are met. We would be happy to actively support you in implementing the interface!

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The billing of municipal waste disposal fees is a particular challenge - but we are also familiar with these processes and are at your side as a partner in optimizing your processes.

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In IT security, it is always said that people pose the greatest risk to a company, but they also have the greatest potential for optimization. Mobile order processing offers the best possible way to simplify processes for end users and to accompany their workflows digitally.

The introduction and customization of a mobile solution from Prologa offers you both the direct digitalization of your data capture, transparency through the digital functions (innovations), such as photo capture, GPS tracking, document scanning as well as the acceleration of order processing through a few "clicks".

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Are your processes well thought out, documented in detail, put into practice on a daily basis, and are all users satisfied? Unfortunately, theory and practice sometimes do not match. Perhaps a process does not always run as it should optimally. Maybe users use individual functionalities in a completely different way than intended. Perhaps a department has long since established its own workaround as a process because it has "always been done that way".

Our process consulting experts at PROLOGA Services have IT competence deeply rooted within the PROLOGA Group and sound industry know-how. They are happy to support and accompany you in the analysis of your business processes as an integral part of your transformation project or as part of a long-term optimization strategy.

For this purpose, we always mediate fluently between the business side and IT. In addition, we count state-of-the-art methodologies such as the Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) as well as analyses via process mining among our natural tools of the trade.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Digital transformation is often accompanied by a change in established business processes. Every IT transformation offers opportunities to put these processes to the test and identify opportunities for optimization or redesign.

At PROLOGA Services, we thus understand your implementation project not simply as the introduction of SAP software and the implementation of functional requirements, but also as an opportunity to tap into possible improvement potentials of your existing structures, functions and processes together with your specialist staff.

Capture and understand processes    technical

Process modeling    methodical (EPC/BPMN) 

Process Mining    Analysis and optimization

Process organization    Establishment of new processes up to automation

This is what makes a PROLOGA Services project:

  • Implementation of software and functionalities at the highest level
  • Targeted identification and development of improvement potentials of existing structures, functions and processes
  • Communication between the business side and IT
  • effective, efficient and flexible processes in your daily business
  • Process quality
  • Sustainable process optimization

Let's face it: software implementation projects are highly complex. Project Management is just as important for your success as technical implementation. It is not enough to manage projects from an IT perspective alone, because then there is a risk that the result will not meet the requirements of the business.

We support you in the entire operational management of the project and offer you professional Project Management. This applies to all phases of the project life cycle.

Our work begins with requirements and process analysis and the joint development of system and process specifications, which form the basis for implementation in your system landscape.This is continued by support in the preparation and implementation of training courses for users up to the technical and functional go-live.

But that's not the end of it.We will be happy to provide you with further support and help you integrate additional business lines and waste law requirements.


Our project managers support you in the implementation of increasingly complex requirements by working according to standardized project methodology. In addition to training in PMP, our project managers have several years of experience in the Implementation of SAP modules. Together with you, we define the appropriate project methodology: whether classic models or agile or combined hybrid models. We support SAP projects in various facets, regardless of whether you want to set up a new system, integrate new modules or optimize existing SAP solutions.

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