eANV - electronic Waste Verification Procedure


Since 01.04.2010, the electronic waste record procedure has been in place for waste for which records must be kept, with which the complete disposal route must be traced. All parties involved in the disposal process are required to document the whereabouts of the waste using an electronic signature and to transmit this information to the authorities.


With the help of our many years of experience in implementing various eANV interfaces with SAP, we support you in connecting an end-to-end solution for your eANV process.


By integrating the eANV process, it is possible to automate the exchange of data between the systems and thus, for example, perform qualified electronic signing outside the eANV portal. This ensures more efficient work and eliminates duplicate work steps.


We are happy to assist you with the connection of an eANV interface right from the start. Together, we will optimize your current eANV process so that you can handle it efficiently and, of course, transparently for the authorities. Contact us!

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