Customer Management

Customer Management is an important element of any solution. Of course, useful planning and fast processing are an important guarantee for satisfied customers, but it is still important to have all the important information at hand at the decisive moment when there are inquiries.

In SAP Waste & Recycling, the Interaction Center serves as a „Single Point of Contact“. In the Interaction Center, all information about a customer can be found at a glance – be it the latest invoices, the current contracts or the next upcoming and most recently provided services.

Each contact with the customer can be recorded and thus a contact history can be created. Furthermore, it is possible to create clarification cases for open problems that could not be resolved directly, and thus involve other colleagues in the processing. PROLOGA Services is available to provide advice and assistance in setting up such functions.

In the context of the digital age, many customers no longer want to obtain an overview only by telephone, but to call up information directly themselves. To this end, we have already connected a wide variety of customer portals to SAP Waste & Recycling.

These portals relieve your employees of customer inquiries and often give your customers the opportunity to request disposal services directly. Here you can build on our long-term of experience in implementing the interfaces to the portal.

Please note that we do not develop websites and another partner is needed for the design and development of the frontend of such a portal. We will be happy to support you in the selection of a suitable partner.

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