Saving fuel costs and reducing CO² emissions due to successful digital transformation


Headquarters: Darmstadt, Germany


Own company for municipal
Tasks and Services of the City of Bremen


Products: Waste collection / Recycling

Frank Siemund, EAD

The data is automatically transmitted to the SAP web service. Subsequently, an intelligent set of rules controls in which case the orders are to be created automatically.


  • Avoid overflowing waste garbage cans in public spaces
  • Frequent trips without knowledge of fill levels are inefficient and cause high costs


  • Determine efficient time for emptying waste containers
  • Avoid costs for unnecessary trips and conserve resources

Highlights of Implementation

  • Significant step in the digital transformation and optimization of business processes using sensor technology
  • Automatic transmission of level data and order creation

Benefits for the Customer

  • Automatically generated emptying orders and optimized route planning
  • Forecasts for reaching the threshold value of waste containers
  • Saving fuel costs and reducing CO² pollution
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