Paperless and fast: order processing via driver app for optimal logistics processes


Headquarters: Linz, Austria


Industry: Utilities, Waste & Recycling


Products: Energy Generation, Waste & Recycling, Water


Revenue: 2.452 million € (2021)


Customers: 450.000


Employees: 5.030 (2021)

Wilfried Bayer, Energie AG

Our next important MOVE to a digital logistics process – together with SAP, PROLOGA and Anyline.


  • 12year old hardware with too many restrictions for further digitalization (fix mounted in truck, no camera, security risks, no S/4HANA compatibility, etc.)


  • Replace on-board-unit by mobile handheld
  • Digital workflow in the field (signature, photos, weighing at external facilities)
  • Digital container identification

Highlights of Implementation

  • Full project done remotely
  • Containers easily identified using Anyline mobile number scanning
  • Roll-out of new hardware to all vehicles

Decision for SAP/PROLOGA

  • Longtime partnership between EAG and PROLOGA
  • PROLOGA´s SAP Waste & Recycling know how and implementation excellence

Benefits for the Customer

  • Reduced time and effort for order execution
  • Complete digital process flow in the field
  • Precise information on container movements and where they are located
  • Improved complaint management
  • Future proof technology
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